Feed supplement for horses and ponies

EMH Hay Cubes made from pure sun-dried, long structured hay, and come in 6 cm diameter slices.

EMH Hay Cubes are an ideal complete hay replacement, especially in older horses, and those with teeth problems. EMH Hay Cubes are also ideal in which to mix medicines or mineral concentrates. The cultivation and processing of the raw material for our EMH Hay Cubes is strictly controlled. By buying only from farms under contract with us, we can guarantee a gentle harvesting and processing as well as an optimal grass quality. As a result of regular soil sampling, the fields are systematically fertilised and cultivated specifically with needs of horses in mind. Therefore herbs and other specific plants are not suppressed by over- fertilizing, rather they are specially promoted and encouraged to grow. To support the digestion of the fibres, and the improved ability to absorb nutrients, the fibres in Hay Cubes have been enriched with Eggersmann MicroHerbs (EMH). When fed regularly, you can expect an improvement in your horse’s general condition and a higher vitality. Additionally EMH prolongs the storage stability of the Hay Cubes. In helping to save the planet and to protect our fossil fuel resources, the grass for Hay Cubes is not dried artificially. For a carbon neutral drying we use only the light and warmth of the sun. Due to their rough texture, EMH Hay Cubes absorb much more water than standard hay cobs, and achieve about four times the volume when soaked still keeping a light consistency. Feeding recommendation: 1 kg EMH Hay Cubes replace 1 kg hay. Due to the high absorption capacity, it is absolutely imperative that EMH Hay Cubes are soaked. The volume per feed must be soaked in five times the amount of water. Soak for 15 minutes. For an even soaking, the discs can be easily crumbled by hand.

Digestible protein (dCP): 67,0 g/kg preceacal digestible protein (pcvRp): 55,0 g/kg Digestible energy (MJ DE): 7,2 MJ DE/kg Metabolizable energy (MJ ME): 5,9 MJ ME/kg

šienas99,4 %
Fermented plant extract (EMH)0,6 %
neapdoroti baltymai8,30 %
džiovinti vandens augalai32,5 %
cukrus4,50 %
Fructan5,70 %
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