Körnerpick Profi Calcium Plus
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Complementary feed for poultry

Additional feed with valuable minerals and trace elements to compensate deficiencies such as feather eating and poor eggshell quality

Körnerpick Profi Calcium Plus a complementary feed, rich in nutrients and helps to prevent feed-related deficiency symptoms. Especially during Breeding and growth period as well as during moult, it supplies essential nutrients to chickens and other poultry species.

An increasing degree of broken eggs and wind or failed eggs can be caused by undersupply of Calcium and other minerals. If such a feeding imbalance will not be solved, egg- and feather-eating can be the consequence of it. In the worst case, such a malnutrition can lead to continuing mobilization of important calcium reserves out of the bones. If these problems are present in the flock, it always make sense to check up feed ration and feed intake.

Körnerpick Profi Calcium Plus includes a specific Nutrient-complex that positively effects the stability of eggshell and bone structure processes as well as the protective functions of the liver. A high content of Methionine and Choline enhances healthy feather growth, why Körnerpick Profi Calcium Plus is an ideal supply during the moulting period.

We recommend the supplementation of Körnerpick Profi Calcium Plus for following applications:

  • during breeding period to improve bone metabolism
  • in moulting period for promoting healthy feather growth
  • in cases of feather-eating
  • if excessive amounts of breakage or wind eggs are mentioned
  • if deficiency symptoms are supposed

Calcium chloride
neapdoroti baltymai1,2 %
neapdoroti riebalai0,3 %
džiovinti vandens augalai0,0 %
neapdoroti mineralai10,7 %
kalcis4,0 %
natris0,05 %
fosforas0,01 %
metioninas1,98 %
Lizinas0,0 %
Moisture76,0 %
DL-methionine, techn. pure (3c301) NA19.800 mg
Cholinchloridas (3a890) NA3.200 mg
Eisen (3b102) Eisen-(III)-chlorid, Hexahydrat NA1.700 mg
Mangan (3b501) Mangan-(II)-chlorid, Tetrahydrat NA900 mg
Zink (3b602) Zinkchlorid, wasserfrei NA2.800 mg
Calciumpropionat (E282) TA1.000 mg

NA = Nutritional additives
ZA = Zootechnical additives
TA = Technological additives
SA = Sensory additives
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