Feed supplement for horses

Heavy sweating in warm weather, hard training sessions or transport, can take its toll on your horse.

In times of high performance, a horse can lose up to 25 litres of sweat per day. With the sweat, important nutrient salts are lost which are of great importance to your horse's fluid balance. However, with the provision of electrolytes, these nutrient reservoirs are quickly replenished.

The benefits at a glance:

  • low dosage
  • the ability to perform without limitations
  • electrolyte reserves can build up
  • ideal for the use in times of intensive training
  • regulates the fluid balance

dekstrozė56,3 %
natrio chloridas30,3 %
Kalcio chloridas8,7 %
kalcio karbonatas4,2 %
magnio oksidas0,4 %
Chloride22,60 %
natris11,50 %
kalis4,50 %
kalcis1,60 %
magnis0,30 %
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