Feed supplement for horses

Nervousness, poor stamina, decreased performance and reduced resilience can be caused by a shortage of the essential mineral magnesium.

With magnesium deficiencies, heart and skeletal muscles lose their performance capability. Therefore, magnesium is an extremely important factor in the metabolism of nerves and muscles. High levels of physical stress can also lead to deficiencies.

The benefits at a glance:

  • low dosage
  • with highly-efficient organically bound magnesium (magnesium fumarate), tryptophan and B vitamins
  • prevents deficiencies, and promotes more relaxed muscles
  • may help nervous or spooky horses to relax
  • for relaxation and concentration in stressful situations

Wheat middlings53,2 %
magnio oksidas15,2 %
Magnesium fumarate15,2 %
Sunflower oil3,0 %
neapdoroti mineralai22,30 %
magnis10,00 %
kalcis1,70 %
natris0,10 %
Vitaminas B1 (3a821) NA2.000,00 mg
Vitaminas B2 (3a825i) NA1.000,00 mg
Vitaminas B6 NA2.500,00 mg
Vitamin B12 (3a835)300.000,00 mcg
Nikotininė rūgštis NA4.000,00 mg
L-tryptophan (3c441) NA80.000,00 mg

NA = Nutritional additives
ZA = Zootechnical additives
TA = Technological additives
SA = Sensory additives
Subject to change


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