Feed supplement for horses

Vitamin E and selenium - strong duo to protect against free radicals for powerful muscles

  • cell protection in muscle diseases such as PSSM
  • faster muscle regeneration in training phases
  • prevents tension and supports rideability
  • supplementary for general weakness, difficult muscle building and susceptibility to infections

Vitamin E and the trace element selenium are valuable nutrients for horses with high demands or muscular problems such as PSSM. Especially in phases of more intensive training sessions, in stressful situations, with high-fat feeding or in the case of muscular diseases, the need for antioxidants in feeding increases significantly.
If this need is not met, so-called free radicals react with cell structures, e.g. the skeletal muscles, and can damage them. Oxidative stress develops in the body, which can manifest itself in tension or inflammatory processes in the body.
Both vitamin E and selenium confidently protect cells from these harmful substances and are recommended during periods of increased stress and to support muscle building.

Wheat middlings 38,9 %
Oatmeal flour 20,0 %
dikalcio fosfatas 3,5 %
Calcium gluconate 3,0 %
Magnesium fumarate 2,0 %
Sugar beet syrup 1,0 %
neapdoroti baltymai 13,60 %
neapdoroti riebalai 14,00 %
džiovinti vandens augalai 2,70 %
neapdoroti mineralai 15,80 %
kalcis 2,50 %
fosforas 0,90 %
magnis 0,30 %
natris 0,20 %
Vitamin E (3a700) NA 100.000,00 mg
Selenium (3b8.12) selenium methionine NA 20,00 mg
Selenas (3b801) NA 5,00 mg
L-lysine monohydrochloride, techn. pure (3c322) NA 50.000,00 mg

NA = Nutritional additives
ZA = Zootechnical additives
TA = Technological additives
SA = Sensory additives
Subject to change


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