Uncle Pet Haybales are from natural meadows and are sun-dried and gently processed.

Our Uncle Pet Haybales are a sun-dried speciality for all rodents and small animals. The ingenious production process ensures that the hay is processed gently. The hay is harvested at the optimum cutting time, carefully processed and packaged so that the natural fibre structures and vitamins are retained. Thanks to the nutrient-rich soil and favourable climate, a wide variety of healthy grasses, herbs and flowers grow in our regional meadows. Our Uncle Pet Haybales serve as an additional source of raw fibre, promote natural tooth abrasion and should always be available to your pet.

The benefits at a glance:

  • gently sun-dried
  • Gently wrapped for undamaged straw
  • Crunchy and low in dust
  • Natural fibre structure promotes tooth abrasion
  • Space-saving storage

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