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Our Vitalize Low Carb Plus is perfect for all horses that need to be fed in a way that is appropriate to the species and close to nature. Since it is grain-free, it is also ideal for horses suffering from metabolic problems. The cereal was enhanced with the addition of AO-Ferm™ to specifically support fibre digestion and improve nutrient absorption.

Vitalize Low Carb Plus is enriched with highly digestible crude fibre, the metabolism is relieved by the low sugar and starch content, the intestinal flora is optimally promoted by the crude fibre content. The energy that is usually obtained from cereals has been replaced here by fatty sunflower seeds and rice husk bran. In addition, high-protein alfalfa is added to supply the body with essential amino acids that also support the muscular system.
The addition of AO-Ferm™, a fermentation product of the Aspergillus oryzae fungus, has a prebiotic effect and can increase the digestibility of crude fibre and starch. The nutrients ingested in the feed can be better absorbed and used by the body. As a prebiotic, AO-Ferm™ is the food for living microorganisms in the horse's digestive tract. The growth and the multiplication of the good microbes in the intestine can be stimulated and an optimally utilised digestion of the nutrients can thus be guaranteed.
The natural composition and the addition of AO-Ferm™ can ensure an increased quality of life for your horse. The digestive system is relieved in a targeted manner and its function is strengthened. The muesli is enhanced and refined by cold-pressed milk thistle oil and the optimum ratio of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

The benefits at a glance:

  • grain-free, reduced sugar and starch
  • ideal for feeding in the case of metabolic disorders, can be used as single crib feed
  • with the prebiotic AO-Ferm™ for optimised nutrient absorption and more effective digestibility
  • the high level of structure promotes mastication and the production of saliva and improves the gastrointestinal environment
  • with high-quality vegetable fatty acids and high-protein alfalfa

Digestible protein (dCP): 90,5 g/kg preceacal digestible protein (pcvRp): 83,6 g/kg Digestible energy (MJ DE): 9,3 MJ DE/kg Metabolizable energy (MJ ME): 7,9 MJ ME/kg

liucerna 42,7 %
vaisių gabaliukai (oboulių) 13,8 %
kviečių sėlenos 7,0 %
liucerna 6,1 %
Linseed meal 5,0 %
Sunflower extraction meal 3,9 %
Lignoceliuliozė 3,2 %
Rice husk bran 2,5 %
saulėgrąžų sėklos 2,3 %
saldžiavaisis pupmedis 2,0 %
cukrinio runkelio melasa 1,8 %
džiovintos morkos 1,7 %
kalcio karbonatas 1,5 %
melasa 1,5 %
pieninės usnies aliejus 1,4 %
petražolė 0,6 %
natrio chloridas 0,4 %
rozmarinas 0,3 %
dilgėlė 0,2 %
kalendra 0,2 %
pipirmėtė 0,2 %
bazilikas 0,2 %
artišokas 0,1 %
kiaulpienė 0,1 %
Hawthorn leaves 0,1 %
česnakas 0,1 %
Product from Aspergillus oryzae, high in protein 0,1 %
Milk thistle herb 0,1 %
gingko lapai 0,1 %
neapdoroti baltymai 13,80 %
neapdoroti riebalai 4,50 %
džiovinti vandens augalai 22,30 %
neapdoroti mineralai 9,30 %
kalcis 1,70 %
fosforas 0,40 %
natris 0,25 %
magnis 0,22 %
krakmolas 1,60 %
cukrus 6,00 %
Vitaminas A (3a672a) NA 8.300 I.E.
Vitaminas D3 (3a671) NA 800 I.E.
Vitamin E (3a700) NA 200,00 mg
Vitaminas C (3a312) NA 41,00 mg
Vitaminas B1 (3a821) NA 8,00 mg
Vitaminas B2 (3a825i) NA 8,00 mg
Vitaminas B6 NA 8,00 mg
Nikotininė rūgštis NA 20,00 mg
Kalcio pantotenatas NA 16,00 mg
Biotinas (3a880) NA 260,00 mcg
Folio rūgštis NA 3,00 mg
Cholinchloridas (3a890) NA 100,00 mg
Geležis (3b103) NA 85,00 mg
Manganas (3b502) NA 70,00 mg
Cinkas (3b603) NA 120,00 mg
Varis (3b405) NA 20,00 mg
Selenas (3b801) NA 0,35 mg
Jodas (3b202) NA 0,85 mg
Propionic acid (1k280) 335,00 mg
Propionsäure aus Natriumpropionat (1k281) TA 324,00 mg
Propionsäure aus Calciumpropionat (1a282) TA 984,00 mg

NA = Nutritional additives
ZA = Zootechnical additives
TA = Technological additives
SA = Sensory additives
Subject to change


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